Saturday, December 6, 2014

Asking for Signs

Seems to me that we have become quite comfortable with requesting signs of God's presence or power before we can place our faith in Him. Well that is simply not faith at all. At least not faith in the Almighty God. In essence we are desiring faith in something WE can see.. something WE can experience.. prior to acknowledging the Creator of the universe.

Oswald Chambers brought more clarity to this subject for me today. Check out the post from today (December 6th, 2014).

I believe that he brings this idea home much better than I ever could:

"Waiting for God to act is fleshly unbelief. It means that I have no faith in Him. I wait for Him to do something in me so I may trust in that. But God won’t do it, because that is not the basis of the God-and-man relationship. Man must go beyond the physical body and feelings in his covenant with God, just as God goes beyond Himself in reaching out with His covenant to man. It is a question of faith in God— a very rare thing. We only have faith in our feelings. I don’t believe God until He puts something tangible in my hand, so that I know I have it. Then I say, “Now I believe.” There is no faith exhibited in that. God says, “Look to Me, and be saved…” (Isaiah 45:22)."

Ask yourself what you are demanding of the Lord. I find that I am constantly asking Him to validate my feelings.. validate His leading so that I can feel more comfortable in following Him. What a splash of cold water to face! My job is not to demand of God, but to trust IN Him and ON Him to lead me.

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